Saturday , 15 May 2021

24 years pass since Azerbaijani Gubadli district\’s occupation by Armenia

24 years pass since Azerbaijani Gubadli district's occupation by Armenia

Today is the 22nd anniversary of occupation of Azerbaijan’s Gubadli district by the Armenian armed forces.

The district with an area of 802 square kilometers and with population of about 30,000 people living in 94 settlements, was occupied by Armenian military forces on Aug. 31, 1993.

Gubadli district is distinguished by its favorable geographic location, unique picturesque landscape, rocky and steep mountains, turbulent rivers – Barkushad and Akara.

Some 283 volunteers heroically died when defending the district and seven of them were awarded the high title of “Azerbaijani National Hero”.

In fact, each family suffered from Armenian armed forces’ outrage. People who survived now are accommodated in 47 districts of Azerbaijan.

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