Tuesday , 11 May 2021

27 years passed since Azerbaijan’s Fuzuli and Jabrayil districts occupied by Armenia

Today is the 27th anniversary of the occupation of Azerbaijan’s Fuzuli and Jabrayil districts by the Armenian armed forces.
On August 23, 1995 the Armenian armed forces occupied the entire Jabrayil district and over 90 percent (1,256 sq. km. or 50 villages) of Fuzuli district, leaving more than 116,000 inhabitants displaced.
Azykh and Taghlar caves in the Fuzuli region are under Armenian occupation. The both caves, as well as other ancient monuments were destroyed by Armenians. A Neanderthal-style jaw bone found in 1968 is thought to be over 300,000 years old and thus one of the oldest proto-human remains found in this part of the world. Archaeological samples found in Azykh Paleolithic camp were shown at the Paris Museum’s exhibition “The first inhabitants of Europe” in 1981.
The Fuzuli district also had unusual flora and fauna, mineral springs and was also famous for its forests, which accommodated precious woods. After the occupation of the region, Armenians ruthlessly cut down trees, destroying the nature and plundering the natural wealth.
As a result of the seizure of the Jabrayil region, whose territory spans 1,050 sq.km, 72 secondary school buildings, eight hospitals, five mosques, two museums, 129 historical monuments and 149 cultural centers were left under occupation.
More than 350 people were killed, 177 people became disabled and 91 were captured and went missing during the war against Armenian aggressors.
Eight peoples from Fuzuli and six peoples from Jabrayil were awarded the title of National Hero of Azerbaijan for their courage in the battles against Armenia.
The internally displaced persons form Fuzuli and Jabrayil districts settled in more than 50 cities and regions of Azerbaijan.

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