Sunday , 25 October 2020
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28 years pass since Armenian occupation of Lachin district

On May 18, 1992, as a result of the occupation of the Lachin region by the Armenian Armed Forces, the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan “de facto” annexed to Armenia.

As a result of the occupation, the enemy captured one city, one settlement, and 122 villages, killed 262 people, took 65 hostages, wounded 103 residents.

In the region, 18 of 24,374 children aged 1 to 16 years martyred, 225 – disabled, 31 – lost both parents. Sixty-five thousand people have been displaced. In occupied territory, there were 133 large and medium enterprises, 217 cultural centers, 40 cultural and historical monuments, and dozens of schools.

As a result of the occupation, several cultural and historical monuments of Lachin district, with an area of 1,835 square kilometers, were looted or misappropriated by the enemy. The Lachin district’s invasion, which has an important geostrategic position, caused severe damage to Azerbaijan’s economy. Enemies have led unusable centers of light industry of the region and the agricultural sector.

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