Thursday , 13 May 2021

4 nakhchivani boxers in the Championship of Azerbaijan

4 nakhchivani boxers in the Championship of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Boxing Championship amoung seniors has ended. Young leather gloves masters of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic have been rejoiced side in the intensive struggle for championship.
National team of our Autonomous Republic with sportsmen staff of 6 has stuck in the mind with successful results. Bronze medalist of First Olympic Games Tayfur Aliyev who is shown as struggling preference in 56 kg weight range has proven that his last year\’s championship wasn\’t accidental.

4 nakhchivani boxers in the Championship of Azerbaijan

Delivery of trainer Mammadali Eyvazov has become stronger than Tural Ahmadov in final fighting and has been awarded with \’Azerbaijan Champion\’ for the running second time. Tayfur\’s brother Sarxan Aliyev who got a right to fight amoung seniors for the first time could write his name to winner list. Sarxan Aliyev, fighting in 60 kg weight range has completed the championship with silver medal, because he has lost the meeting with world champion Cavid Chalabiev.
There were achievers also from other nakhchivani boxers who have participated in the championship. Eldar Guliyev in 81 kg weight range and in the heaviest weight Aghalar Sadiqzade have become bright sides. We need to mention that, Mammadcafar Aliyev has presented our Autonomous Republic as judge, in Azerbaijan Championship.

Author: Emil Samedov
Translator : Selcan Ahmed

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