Tuesday , 11 May 2021

A new center, booth and laboratories have been established at Nakhchivan State University – PHOTO

NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that, on February 15, Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov inspected the newly established center, cabinets and laboratories at Nakhchivan State University.

It was noted that, “Diplomacy Center” and “Criminology” laboratory at the Faculty of International Relations and Law, “Technology Center” and “Shooting Center” at the Faculty of Pedagogy, “Robotics” Laboratory at the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, “Pharmaceutical Simulation” at the Faculty of Medicine. “Green Pharmacy” has been established in the Cabinet and Social Service Center By order of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly.
The “Pharmacy Simulation” booth was organized for the first time in Azerbaijan under this name. Here the formation of professional skills is carried out through direct work with visual aids and simulations in the teaching of pharmacology, pharmaceutical work and other subjects.The cabinet, built on the model of a pharmacy, visually demonstrates to students the methods of storage, preparation and presentation of medicines, drugs and medical supplies. Also, doctors are receiving prescriptions, giving medicines, explaining the rules of their use. In the cabin, students are taught the rules of arrangement of drugs on the shelves in accordance with pharmacological groups, storage conditions. The “Dental Simulation” booth also serves to build a high level of training in this specialty.
It was noted that the diplomacy center, which is one of the first among Azerbaijani universities, has a special significance as a component of modern educational infrastructure. The main purpose of establishing the center is to improve the information and methodological support of the educational process in the field of training highly qualified personnel in international relations at the university, to increase its efficiency and quality.The Diplomacy Center is designed for students, masters and doctoral students, as well as teachers and professionals, as well as international relations, diplomacy, international politics and researchers in general. Along with traditional teaching and learning tools, the center is also equipped with the latest information technology. The center is equipped with an electronic board, polycamera camera, desktop microphones, amplifiers and other electronic equipment.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly viewed an exhibition of university staff’s articles published in various scientific journals.
The Laboratory of Forensic Science and Criminology of the Faculty of International Relations and Law is designed to teach forensic science and criminology and to implement the provisions of the international educational standard at a high level.The main task of the laboratory is to increase the effectiveness of practical training, to strengthen theoretical knowledge and to play a basic role in the formation of practical skills and habits of students. Here, students are taught the skills of working with traces, proper use and handling of technical and forensic tools, as well as developing their knowledge and skills in carrying out investigative actions.
In the laboratory, a steromicroscope capable of magnifying a research object and any object up to 50 times, special tools for detecting hand and fingerprints, magnifying magnifiers of different sizes and purposes, respirators for working with pungent substances, digital vernier caliper used for accurate measurement of objects of various shapes 150 millimeters There are fluorescent pencils, ultraviolet lamps, gloves and plaster and visual aids, other items and materials that provide for the removal of footprints.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly instructed to translate and use examples of foreign literature related to criminology.
The Speaker of the Supreme Assembly also visited the “Shooting Center” and “Technology Center” established at the Pedagogical Faculty.
The “Green Pharmacy” is based on research conducted in the Laboratories of Pharmacy, Phytotherapy and Biochemistry of the Medical Faculty of the University and is based on apitherapy and phytotherapy and is based entirely on local natural products. The main purpose of establishing the “Green Pharmacy” is to organize the production, promotion and sale of various medicines based on scientific and alternative medicine against the background of research of local products.There are 15 products based on apitherapy, natural Nakhchivan honey packed in 40 and 250 gram containers, bee tuberculosis spray, 10, 15 and 20 percent drops made from tuberculosis extract, pollen, liquid extracts of 5 different plants, 3 essential oils, university pharmacy specialty There are 5 types of chemicals and other products prepared by students studying at pharmacy specialty at the university.
It was noted that the purpose of establishing the “Robotics” laboratory is to put into practice the theoretical knowledge of students. Here, students develop their knowledge and skills to prepare independent work, course work and projects. Comprehensive conditions have been created here for the implementation of startup projects. Courses on programming and electronics are organized for students on the basis of the assigned projects.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly was presented with the projects of students’ handicrafts “Smart House”, “Driverless Car”, “Sensor Cleaning Box” and others.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly noted the expansion of the application of new technologies in the autonomous republic, noted the importance of training local specialists in this field, especially software developers, and gave instructions on the proper use of the newly established center, booths and laboratories.

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