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A new student dormitory opened in Nakhchivan – PHOTO

Education has a special place in the comprehensive development of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. Creation of modern infrastructure at all levels of education, strengthening the material and technical base has raised the level of education. At the same time, during the construction of modern university campuses, along with the education of students, it became necessary to improve their living conditions, and new dormitories were built.
NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports,a new student dormitory was opened in Nakhchivan on February 23.
Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov got acquainted with the conditions created in the student dormitory.
It was reported that the dormitory consists of 4 floors and 2 entrances, including the basement. There is a separate service area for girls and boys in the basement, consisting of 2 parts. There are rest and household, laundry, storage and other technical rooms.
There are 22 rooms with 2 beds in each, 2 kitchens and a duty room in the part of the building intended for female students, and 19 rooms with 2 beds in each , 3 kitchens and duty rooms in the part intended for male students. In total, the 82-bed dormitory has 41 rooms. Each of the rest rooms is equipped with a TV set, books and chess. The building is provided with the necessary furniture, heating, electricity and water systems, the yard is landscaped, lighting and irrigation systems are installed.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said that new universities are being established and the number of students is growing as a result of the care shown to education in our country. There are 3 higher and 4 secondary special education institutions in the Autonomous Republic, including Nakhchivan State University, Nakhchivan University and Nakhchivan Teachers’ Institute, Medical College, Music College, State Technical College and Secondary Specialized Police School. A total of 8,874 students study at higher education institutions, including 8,213 at the bachelor’s degree, 446 at the master’s degree, 163 at the doctoral level, and 52 at the residency, and 1,720 students at secondary special education institutions, excluding the Secondary Police School. In general, the contingent of students in Nakhchivan is about 10,600, of which 1,450 are from other regions of the country, and about 1,050 are foreign citizens. Therefore, there is a great need for dormitories.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: The number of dormitories in Nakhchivan State University is 450, and the number of Nakhchivan University is about 300. However, 25-30% of demand is not met. The new dormitory, built at the level of modern requirements, can accommodate more than 80 students. The Ministry of Economy of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic must ensure the establishment of activities in this area with businessmen. Establishment of student dormitories in the Autonomous Republic has already become a branch of business. This must be continued.The dormitory should be managed by the Nakhchivan City Department of Trade and Services under the Nakhchivan City Executive Power and put into operation without waiting for the new school year. The dilapidated building has been reconstructed and provided with modern and comprehensive conditions in accordance with the architectural architecture of the city. The new dormitory has also created new jobs. The construction of dormitories on the outskirts of cities, in sparsely populated areas should be continued. As this work continues, the flow of foreign students to the autonomous republic will increase. Because students from abroad are primarily interested in being provided with dormitories.
Expressing gratitude to those involved in the construction of the dormitory, the Speaker of the Supreme Assembly said that the Ministry of Economy together with the Nakhchivan City Executive Power should build new dormitories for 300-500 places.
The head of the Nakhchivan City Executive Power Mirsanani Seyidov thanked the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly on behalf of the city community for the created conditions.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly inspected the recreation area created in the yard, inquired about the condition of public housing in the area and instructed to continue the repair work from March.

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