Tuesday , 11 May 2021

Actions on increase of potential export continued in recent months-Photo

    One of the important points in the overall economic development is the introduction of high-quality, local products to world markets and strengthening the export potential. It is also one of the main factors influencing the rapid development of relations with foreign trade partners and the deepening of international cooperation. The ever-increasing development of export opportunities is one of the main directions of economic policy pursued in the autonomous republic. In this sense, the proclamation of 2020 as the “Year of Export” by the relevant Order of the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic has created conditions for improving the export, more efficient use of local export opportunities for entrepreneurs.

    The increase of the economic power of the Autonomous Republic, the policy of diversification, the activities of hundreds of enterprises based on modern technologies and producing competitive products have stimulated positive inclination in foreign trade. The successful achievements have increased the export potential of the autonomous republic and led to the expansion of exports of industrial products. Thus, the foreign trade turnover of the autonomous republic for 6 months of 2020 amounted to 222 million 735,500 US dollars, of which 68.3 percent fell to the share of industrial products. Continuation of the establishment of the Sharur Industrial Neighborhood, production and service areas in the Autonomous Republic will be further increase of the production and export potential in the industrial sector in the future. As a continuation of the achievements in the exportations, in June-July of this year, the Ministry of Economy of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic carried out a number of organizational works. The participation of entrepreneurs, as well as households in important economic events both at home and abroad, the growth of the export potential of local products, find potential partners and implement joint cooperation projects was monitored and The participation of one family farmer and 3 business entities in 2 international exhibitions and conferences held online in June-July was ensured.

   If the initial stage in the economic development of the Autonomous Republic was to meet the needs of the population by producing quality products, the current stage aims to achieve the export of these products by increasing their competitiveness. It should be noted that today the introduction of competitive products on the world market depends on the quality factor meeting international requirements. “The Consumer Goods Expertise Center” Limited Liability Company, which operates under the Ministry of Economy, has an exceptional role in increasing the export potential of local products and facilitate the exportation of them  to foreign markets. Thus, in June-July of this year, the center issued certificates of origin in 25 cases for the export of travertine, furniture, syenite marble, waffles, mineral water “Badamli” and “Sirab” to the countries such as the Sultanate of Oman, Georgia, Yemen and Afghanistan.

   Today, the export of products produced in the autonomous republic to more than 10 countries gives reason to say that the number of enterprises producing high quality products in Nakhchivan is constantly growing.

   This is also one of the priorities of economic policy. Quality is an important goal for us. Because the high quality of the products means that the competitiveness of these products increases in export markets, as well as ensures the right of our consumers to consume quality products.

   The attention and care of the head of the autonomous republic, the decisions accepted to stimulate exports, systematic state support for entrepreneurship will increase further export opportunities, expand our economic ties and create conditions for the representation of local products in world markets in a wider range.

Author: Mahpara MAMMADOVA

Translator: Emin Gulmammadov

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