Thursday , 13 May 2021

Address of the \”Young Friends of Azerbaijan\” multicultural union to world community 7 July, 2017 29

Military offenses against civilians lasting from the result of Armenia\’s occupation of 20% of the territory of Azerbaijan recognized by the world community continue even today. Azerbaijani citizens living in the territory of frontier are regularly fired from various weapons, exposed to artillery attack.

We – the Young Friends of Azerbaijan, world-spreading achievements and successful experience of Azerbaijan in the field of multiculturalism, condemn the next provocation, carried out by the occupiers, firing mine and grenade launchers, which was aimed against the peaceful population of Alkhanli village of Fizuli region of Azerbaijan on July, 4th.. We call all of our friends – who promote peace and prosperity in the world, peacekeepers, including the United Nations, the European Union, the Council of Europe, the OSCE Minsk Group, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to urge to unite efforts for punishment of criminals targeted on civilians, innocent babies, women and elderly.

The terrible crime committed by Armenian armed forces on July 4 and the murder of 2-year-old innocent Zahra should raise every human being who does not tolerate child deaths. This crime is not a crime against a single Azerbaijani girl, but a crime against all humanity and to our future – children.

We – Young Friends of Azerbaijan, call our peers and the international community to express their strong attitude towards the cruel killings of civilians, condemn aggression and provocation, take effective measures to put an end to them and try their best to establish sustainable peace.

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