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Agbulag Ski Center commissioned – PHOTO

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said: “Tourism is a very important tool for both the development of the regions and the strengthening of the country’s economic potential, the image of Azerbaijan and its integration into the world.”In Azerbaijan and its Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, as in all sectors of the economy, rapid development has been achieved in the tourism sector. Agbulag village of Shahbuz region is the first village in our country where complex tourism infrastructure is applied. Favorable natural and geographical conditions allow the development of many types of tourism here. In accordance with the “State Program for the Development of Tourism in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic in 2018-2022”, comprehensive work has been done for the development of rural and ski tourism in Agbulag .
NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that, Agbulag Ski Center was put into operation on February 17.
Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov attended the event.
The Minister of Economy of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Tapdig Aliyev said: “The measures taken to develop entrepreneurship in the Autonomous Republic, the continuous improvement of the business and investment climate have formed a broad class of entrepreneurs.”The availability of ecologically clean air, historical and natural monuments, the presence of unique natural treatment centers, the creation of modern road transport and hotel infrastructure have created favorable conditions for the development of tourism in the autonomous republic. Attracting new investments and further improving the quality of services has given additional impetus to the development of tourism. Eliminating the seasonality of tourism in the ancient land, providing year-round tourism services and increasing tourist attractiveness also opens wide opportunities for the development of winter tourism. In this regard, the establishment of the Agbulag Ski Center is of great economic and social importance. Tapdig Aliyev thanked for the attention and care shown to the socio-economic progress of the autonomous republic, the development of entrepreneurship, increasing the potential of tourism and the welfare of the population.
Vasif Talibov, Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, congratulated the staff on the opening of the Ski Center in Agbulag village. The village of Agbulag also attracted the attention of experts due to its air and nature during the Soviet era, pupils from different schools of the Autonomous Republic spent their summer holidays here and got acquainted with the nature of the village. However, the bitter consequences of the 1990s affected the village as well as other parts of the autonomous republic, the infrastructure collapsed, living conditions became difficult, and the rural population was forced to relocate. In short, it has become necessary to rebuild and develop the village. In Agbulag, these events began with the establishment of a representative office in the rural administrative district.Then the needs of the village were studied and it was decided to establish it as a tourist recreation area. In 2013, construction work began in the village, schools, villages and service centers were built, roads, electricity, gas and other infrastructure were renovated, and the necessary conditions for comfortable living were created. In 2018, Agbulag Rural Tourism and Recreation Zone was established. To further develop tourism, it was decided to build a ski resort near the recreation center in the village. Its location at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, the abundance of snow in the winter months and the appropriate landscape for the ski resort gave reason to choose this area.
The chairman of the Supreme Assembly said that the ski center, which was built over two years, is now being used by residents of the autonomous republic. The importance of this is that the first recreation center has been established in these areas, which were not so useful at the time, to serve the population and tourists of the autonomous republic. Another significance is that new jobs have been created here, and the territory has become the wealth of the autonomous republic. In short, the establishment of the Agbulag Rural Tourism and Recreation Zone will serve the development of not only one village, the autonomous republic, but our country as a whole. Agbulag has become an attractive place for both local and foreign tourists.Fresh air, natural food, the necessary infrastructure will allow the center to play a special role in the development of the autonomous republic. As it develops, taxes will be paid to the state budget, which will create new jobs. People living in both Agbulag and surrounding villages will be provided with permanent jobs. All these are indicators of sustainable development. Work will continue in the Agbulag Rural Tourism and Recreation Zone. The center will serve skiing in winter and mountain tourism in summer. The beautiful nature and pleasant places of the village will create conditions for the influx of people here.
“It took about 7 years to turn Agbulag into a tourist region. Over the past years, people have worked hard and taken the initiative to carry out this work,” he said. It was noted that the tourism region was created at the expense of the budget of the autonomous republic and companies operating in the private sector. Therefore, the collective and relevant organizations must protect what is being built, the center must serve the autonomous republic for many years, and the nature of the area must be further enriched. The center will be an example of the creation of such regions, which will contribute to the development of the autonomous republic in the future.The Ministry of Youth and Sports, together with the Youth Foundation, should attract young people here, hold various sports events, and increase interest in the sport of skiing. Measures should be taken for summer tourism in the village, and the rich nature should be introduced to tourists using the wings. Also, beekeeping should be developed in the village, quality and natural honey should be produced. Spending a day here is the best form of recreation. Therefore, domestic tourism should be developed so that people can spend their leisure time effectively. For a healthy life you need to be in nature, walk outdoors, do sports.The area allows for all this. The Shahbuz District Executive Power should register the buildings, create a website for the Agbulag Ski Center, promote the center on the website of the Tourism Department of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, follow safety rules while skiing, improve the skills of local specialists, and increase greenery by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.
The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly said: Family farms should be developed in the village, and those who have skills in this field should be supported. Their products must be packaged at a high level and presented to tourists. The income of the population of the tourist area is mainly obtained by providing services to tourists by selling their products. There is a large canteen in the center. For this, products must be purchased from the rural population. The possibility of establishing appropriate production workshops in the area should also be explored.
Speaking on behalf of the youth, Chimnaz Abbasova said: “Extensive construction work has been carried out in our autonomous republic for many years. Today, wherever we look, we encounter modern schools, health centers, cultural facilities, beautiful roads, parks. Great attention and care is paid to education.” All this creates an incentive for young people to be active in public life. Efficient organization of leisure time of young people is also in focus.Their excursions to Agbulag Recreation Center made their leisure time interesting. The commissioning of the Agbulag Ski Center today will result in a more meaningful organization of recreation. Along with the rest, skiers will be trained here, who will represent our country in international competitions in this sport in the future. We saw it only on social networks and television. One day we dreamed of seeing it in Nakhchivan. Today, our dreams have come true. “Chimnaz Abbasova thanked the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly on behalf of the youth for the establishment of the first ski center in Nakhchivan.
During the acquaintance with the center, it was reported that a modern school building, village and service centers, a new road, as well as the Agbulag Recreation Center were built and put into operation in the village. In April 2018, landscaping work began in the village, houses and ancillary buildings, electricity, communication and gas supply systems were reconstructed. Also, landscaping measures were taken in Agbulag village, seedlings were planted on 15 hectares and seeds on more than 250 hectares. On July 17, 2018, the foundation of the ski center was held in Agbulag village.
The construction of the center, located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level, was carried out on the basis of a project by the French company MND. The center has a 1580-meter-long, 18-30-meter-wide ski area, amusement and children’s parks, 219-meter conveyor lines, an artificial lake with a capacity of 20,000 cubic meters, 26 fixed, 3 mobile artificial turf systems, 1 engine station, 980 meters long. The height difference between the start and end stops is 267 meters. The cable car has 59 seats with 4 seats each, which allows it to serve more than 1,000 tourists per hour.
There are 2 2-storey office buildings for the center, 3 cottages for 2 people each, 1 on the second floor of the office building, and 2 cafes, 1 on the last stop of the cable elevator. On the first floor of the office building, registration, skiing and delivery of appropriate clothing are provided. The center has created 25 new jobs.
The center has all the conditions for the rest of the population and tourists of the autonomous republic. This is a manifestation of the economic progress in the autonomous republic, the attention paid at the state level to the development of tourism. If tourists used to come to Nakhchivan in spring and summer, it will be interesting for them to spend the winter here, and along with rural tourism in Agbulag, winter tourism will develop, and Agbulag Ski Center will become a tourism brand of Nakhchivan.
Salahaddin Sungur, a Turkish specialist trained at the center, said: “I have been training here for two years. People are very interested in skiing. I hope that in the near future the skiers who grew up here will participate in international competitions.”
Then the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly roamed around the area on cabel car.
Salahaddin Sungur presented a gift to the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly, which is a symbol of Agbulag Ski Center and Erciyes Ski Center.

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