Wednesday , 23 September 2020
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Aghadede cemetery

Being the most esteemed pilgrimage in Zangazur area in 1950-1980, this sacred place was situated in the surrounding of Ulukhanli, Habilkand, Seyidkand and Sarvanlar villages, near Gulujan village, on the bank of the Garasu River.
Together with Muslims, Christians also took refuge in this sacred place. There had been only one grave there until 1950 and the people went to pilgrimage to that grave. They say that there was a light in that place and when one approached, the light disappeared. They built a building there in 1950s. There were burnt trees around the house. People took charcoals of those trees, used them and made remarkable recovery. Rich people from surrounding villages and even from Irevan brought their deceaseds and buried in the vicinity of that sacred place. Unfortunately, after the massacre of the West Azerbaijani Turks in 1988, Armenians destroyed that holy place as well.

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