Saturday , 8 May 2021

Aghudi Monument

Aghudi Monument is situated in Aghudi village of Sisyan region (Garakilsa area of the former Zangezur province), 5 km far from Sisyan city, at the side of the Aghudi -Sisyan highway. Aghudi tombstone monument was erected in the 7th century. About 1400 years old giant monument survived to this day. Aghudi Monument has a three-tier, rather three-storeyed structure. The first floor resembles a large square. There is a little vaulted cave with two doors under the square. The signs of the destroyed graves around the square were preserved until recent times. The second floor is consisted of the two columns on sides and octagonal column in the middle. Both columns are linked to the middle one with a vaulted masonry. The third floor of the monument has three columns of remarkable architectural structure.
Aghudi village was one of the most ancient Azerbaijani villages of Sisyan region. By the resolution of the Armenian parliament the Aghudi village was renamed “Agitu”. Currently, the Armenians try to represent this memorial as an ancient Armenian monument.

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