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Aliyeva Zarifa Aziz gizi

Aliyeva Zarifa Aziz gizi (28.04.1923, Shahtakhti village of Kangarli region – 15.04.1985 Moscow)– ophthalmologist. Doctor of science (1979), professor (1979), academician of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (1983), academician of the Russia Medical Academy of Sciences (1981), the Honoured Scientist of the Azerbaijan Republic (1980), the daughter of A.M.Aliyev, the wife of Heydar Aliyev. She graduated from the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute (at present Medical University) (1974). She began to work a scientific worker at the Azerbaijan Scientific–Research Ophthalmology Institute, from 1969 she worked a senior lecturer, professor, chief of the professional pathology laboratory of the sight organs, chief of the CHAİR of ophthalmology (1982-85) at Azerbaijan Doctors Training Institute named after A.Aliyev. Zarifa Aliyeva has an exceptional contribution in developing the science of ophthalmology in Azerbaijan. She is one of the authors of very rare scientific works, of which “Therapeutical Ophthalmology”, “Fundamental of iridodiagnostics”, 12 monograhies text-books and educational supplies, around 150 scientific works, 1 invention and 12 rationalization proposals that covered the treatment of a wide spread trachoma in Azerbaijan that time, studying, prophylactics and treatment of the eye disease related with the chemical and ELECTRONİCindustries profession activity, which was one of the first in the world practice and also works about the modern problems of ophthalmology. Zarifa Aliyeva was the founder of the Azerbaijan iridology and established a scientific school in this filed.

The monographies of “The physiology of eyes tears”, “The treatment of eyes tear with modern operations” dealing with the doctriology of Zarifa Aliyeva were received highly not only by the ophthalmologists but also physiologists. Her rich and hard won pedagogical, scientific and practical experience were resembled in the monography of “The actual questions of the ophthalmology” (together with prof. N.B.Shulpina and L.F.Moshetova). This book is an unexampled educational supply for the teachers of the ophthalmologist and doctors training faculty.

Zarifa Aliyeva did her best in preparing very qualified medical personnels. She was a member of the Presidium of All-Union Ophthalmologists Society, the Soviet Peace Defence Committee, the Administrative Personnel of the Azerbaijan Ophthalmologist Society, member of the editorial board of the journal “Ophthalmologist of Vestnic” (Moscow). She was awarded with the prestiged M.I.Averbakh prize of the Medical Academy of Sciences of the USSR for her greatest scientific achievements (1981). In 1994 her corpse was taken from the cemetery of Novo Deviche of Moscow to Baki and was buried in the Honorary Avenue, at the grave of her father. Her bronze monument was erected on her grave. (Sculpter O.Eldarov). The institute of the Eyes diseases in Baki, Nakhchivan city polyclinic and the school in Shahtakhti village of Kangarli region bear the name of Zarifa Aliyeva. A rest park was constructed after her name in the area of Binagadi district of Baki.

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