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An example of craftsmanship inherited from our ancestors: pottery

The history of every nation is reflected in the folk art examples created by them .The folk art examples has developed in parallel with the socio-economic formations replacing each other from the Stone Period to this day. Things and household items based on simple manual labor have been become material-cultural examples informing of those times. The pottery considered as a kind of such craftsmanship is one of the oldest production fields in Nakhchivan.
The household ceramics as the leading sector of pottery industry had always been important in the period of Azerbaijan khanates. There is much more information about producing earthenware in Nakhchivan khanate in historical sources .12 potters worked in each of Nakhchivan and Ordubad cities during the occupation of this khanate by Soviet Russia. One of the pottery workshops in Ordubad was located in useless Caravanserai. There is also information about activity of workshop manufacturing faience sahang at Tazakend settlement of Nakhchivan khanate belonging to Nakhichivani governor Ehsan khan. Generally, various household items –jug, bowl, plate, badya (a wide and shallow basin) etc. were found during archeological excavations and most of them were local products. Moreover, archaeological excavations show that pottery in Nakhchivan has formed completely as a highly developed art. The earthenware produced here has reached a very high level from the point of view of both techniques of production and rich decorative elements. The production of ceramic pipes for water lines, glazed tiles and decorative bricks which were widely used in construction work had been among main work of Nakhchivan potters .
The art of preparation of ceramic household items is heritage from our ancestors. Today it is paid great attention to the development of pottery which is a type of folk art and preserves historical past of our nation. Arzu Novruzov who is a potter in folk art workshop, says that he has participated voluntarily in archaeological expeditions and the examples found here encouraged him to pottery. So he began to involve in this art field.
Speaking about preparation rules of earthenware Arzu Novruzov noted that long-time durability of earthenware depends on the way of the production. The main material clay used for the preparation of these household items should be chosen carefully, kneading process of clay should not be carried out hastily. No matter how heavy the burden is earthenware is not supposed to get broken. When earthenware touches each other the sound of ceramic should be heard. The final product should be golden.
The interlocutor saying that he obtains the high-quality clay from Vaykhir village of Babek district and surroundings of Shahbuz and tries to involve in pottery professionally notes that ancient arts are our history. Pottery in Nakhchivan was in the highest level of its development a thousand years ago. That\’s why most crockery ware found during archeological excavations in the region of Nakhchivan is demonstrated in our museums.

Translator: Rzayeva Zhala

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