Monday , 19 October 2020

An open letter from the Armenian colonel to Pashinyan: “Whose eyes are you blowing dust on?”

 Commander of the Armenian Special Forces (Red Berets), Armenian National Security Colonel Artur Aleksanyan (Amarasi Arthur) sent an open letter to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on his Facebook page. reports that the letter reads:

 “I am amazed at the short-sightedness of our politicians, who from time to time talk about the unresolved Karabakh issue, putting their people and the international community in a dilemma.

 Gentlemen, whose side are you on? Why are you urging us to negotiate with our rivals for centuries on an unresolved issue?  Whose eyes do you blow dust on?  Why do you bend your nose and wag your tail in front of Russia and others, giving the impression that “the solution to the Karabakh conflict depends only on them”?

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