Thursday , 13 May 2021

Anar IBRAHIMOV (R, EPP/CD), The situation of Catalonia in Spain

Anar IBRAHIMOV (R, EPP/CD), The situation of Catalonia in Spain

Anar IBRAHIMOV (R, EPP/CD), The situation of Catalonia in Spain
Dear Madam Chair,
\”Europe, which will consist of weak nations and states has no future. Europe of solidarity is our approach. \” This is from your speech at yesterday\’s opening session of the Congress. I fully agree with you. But these principles or approaches must be universal. Unfortunately, we are not wholly versatile in the application of our principles, the notorious double approaches. Often there is no reaction to the same trends in some countries (for example in Azerbaijan\’s occupied Karabakh), but we see a completely different reaction to the analogous situation in Catalonia or to the same Brexit. Therefore, we must end the double standards and finally try to demonstrate solidarity not only in words.
Over the past few weeks, we have already witnessed two attempts to unilaterally determine the status in Catalonia and the Kurdish autonomy of Iraq. Both were failures. The main reason is complete disregard of interests by all sides in these places, and not only narrowly regional ones. We often hear that the two basic principles – the principle of territorial integrity and the right to self-determination contradict each other. This is purely populist approach. In fact, Europe knows many examples of combining these two principles: – these are the Åland Islands, South Tyrol and many other examples. More power to the regions, more opportunities on the ground and a clear position against separatism, especially violent separatism, refusal to accept the results of unilateral secessions is just a simple formula. I think that the Council of Europe Congress should work more in this direction, having already developed its own strategy in this area.
Thank you for attention.

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