Saturday , 15 May 2021

Armenia Procurator-General about NSS “stabbed us from back”

Armenia Procurator-general Artur Davtyan calls the fact of divulging prosecutor’s bribe crime by National Security Service as “blow from back”

Nakhcivantoday reports according to Armenian Kiv-s  Davtyan talk about this on 10th March wide colleague assemble speech of prosecutor.

Specially he mention explanations of NSS about bribe issue  of Procurator- General prosecutor. For his opinion this is betrayal for them. He said ‘this blew us from back’ at assemble. For the record talk is about events happened around Levon Karapetyan.

As senior prosecutor of organisational- control department legal aid office in Armenia Procurator- General He took 1300 usd bribe from Karen Tadevosyan who is close relative of prisoner Qurgen Qasparyan that was arrested for 10 years at “Qos” jail of Justice Ministry, to conditional release before jail time in June, 2019. Besides this prosecutor mention suicide incident happened in army, according to information.  If he doesn’t come to Qarabag prosecutors don’t begin to case and asked why this is like that. Prosecutors just content to listening with nodding. To addition during the assemble activities of 2019 was end and the results of crime enforcements on the fight against crime area and performance of prosecutorial functions were look over. For example, according to available informations, 26850 crime incident were recorded in Armenia, 2019. But at collegial assemble situation of property assemble specially appreciated as  disturbing situation on habitation robbery.

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