Tuesday , 11 May 2021

Armenian architect’s confession: Armenians did not live in Yeravan-VİDEO

Russian video blogger Ilya Varlamov is known for reporting from different cities. His next such video was from the Armenian capital Yerevan. What is interesting in the report is what an Armenian architect named Agnesa said. Perhaps for the first time, someone in Armenia openly says that Armenians did not live in Yerevan before and does not hesitate to tell the truth. During the filming in the central part of Yerevan, the architect says that Armenians used to come to this city only for shopping, and they are a minority compared to other nations. Unfortunately, the architect does not mention Azerbaijanis when he says “other”. He says the city was completely rebuilt by an Armenian architect during the Soviet era. It is clear that we are talking about the destruction of architectural samples typical of the Iravan khanate and the construction of a new city on it. In his video, Varlamov also points out that Yerevan has no historical center. Because this historical center has long been destroyed. It should be noted that 102 years have passed since Yerevan made concessions to Armenia. According to the agreement signed on June 4, 1918, Yerevan was ceded to Armenia in exchange for renunciation of the Nagorno-Karabakh claims.
We present that part of the video:

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