Thursday , 13 May 2021

Armenian colonel lieutenant: Tomorrow another dominance will come, all this work must open.

Armenian Colonel lieutenant Ara Mxitaryan savagely beaten up last year September, his Father who had protest action in front of Muratsan hospital a couple days ago, again has protest with his friends and close ones in front of Armenia Government Building. The Reason of protest action which held by Mxitaryan’s friends and closes is the one of people had beaten Colonel lieutenAnt was released by court’s decision. Nakhchivantoday herald that there is reserve colonel lieutenant Karen Hakobyan of Armenian army among the protestors, According to Armenia KIV-s He calls Armenia Defence Ministry to help its own officers. “An Officer can’t tell a lie, can’t be a liar. Any attorney can blame an officer that he tells a lie for money. I said that day too, also say it now, stay away from officers of army, today they provide your peace. Tomorrow another dominance will come and all this works must be open up.” Armenian colonel lieutenant informed.Konuşma SonuBir mesaj yaz…

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