Friday , 18 September 2020

Armenian political scientist: “ Armenia authority split public to solve government problems”

“The tension between Russia and Syria can affect Qarabag issue. Are Armenia authority and publicity ready to various scenarios?” reports referring to Armenia Kiv-s that Armenian political scientist said that. Because of his words, some people in Turkey and Azerbaijan think that April battles should be repeated in big quantities. “Because Russia is not involved in Qarabag security directly, this is weak link. Differ than Qarabag, Russia has penetration in Syria.” Tevenyan reports so. When Tevenyan comments on Armenia prime minister Nikol Pasinyan sounds “ Serj Sarkisyan authority gave 42 million and bought weapons, they don’t work, in general they are not useful to anything, just metal scraps” during “Yes” propaganda, he estimate such a description not allowed. According to Tevenyan’s words, Armenia authority split public to solve inner government problems, and this directly blow Armenia security.

“The situation which ruling inside of country is bigger problem than possible military operations in Qarabag and spreading harmful corona virus.” He pointed so.

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