Monday , 19 October 2020

Armenian political scientist: “Pashinyan’s program is an elementary irony and ridicule against society”

“Pashinyan is once again making fun of society. One of his next so-called anti-crisis decisions is nothing but insults and ridicule to the broad masses of society.” reports that Armenian political scientist Gagik Hambaryan wrote this on his Facebook page.

 According to his words, the numbers announced by Pashinyan are so interesting that they reveal that more than 30 percent of the Armenian population is poor.

Nicole Pashinyan’s program is an elementary irony and ridicule against society.  It would have been better if he had done nothing and insulted the people by giving his ministers a salary and bonus of 1.5 million drams and a maximum of 7,500 drams for any part of society in a state of force majeure for February.  It’s a shame, “the Armenian political scientist said.

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