Monday , 19 April 2021

Armenians start provocation under Azerbaijani name on social networks – PHOTO

As reported, the situation in the direction of Tovuz has become tense again tonight.

 Armenians are trying to write messages in Azerbaijani and obtain military secrets through social networks. A person named Ugur Rzayev commented on the message from him to our website:

“First, a message came from a person named Ranar Jabbarov. He said he was Azerbaijani and asked about the situation on the front. Then he asked,” Will there be an attack on Armenia? “. Realizing that he was Armenian, I cursed and blocked him. I unblocked him because I wanted to text him again. When he was released, his name was written as Berik Kocharyan. Please, as an Azerbaijani, let all the Azerbaijani people be united, be aware, do not give military secrets to the enemy. “

We advise our citizens who are active in social networks to be careful and not to write any comments or messages about front line and military issues.

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