Saturday , 15 May 2021

Armenia’s another crime against international law – Exclusive Interview with Peter Tase

Armenia’s another crime against international law – Exclusive Interview with Peter Tase

“The killing of a soldier of Azerbaijan Army by the terrorist Government of Armenia is an act of belligerence, barbarism, and a crime against international law and UN Security Council Resolutions”, says Peter Tase political analyst and international relations expert at the Milwaukee-based Marquette University.

\”The recent attack and killing of Azerbaijani Soldier in the Nakhchivan section of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Border is a clear act of provocation and is a testimony to Armenia\’s occupation policy in the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan\”, said Tase.

He added that It is heartbreaking to know that Armenia’s newly appointed Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs, are war mongers just as their predecessors. \”The fact that both of them visited the border lines between Azerbaijan and Armenia, without notifying the international negotiations\’ actors of Minsk Group is an act of provocation and instills more conflict in the region\” the expert stressed.

Tase expects that the new government of Armenia under the leadership of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan will not be able to complete its mandate. He believes the longevity of the current Armenian Government will last approximately one year (until June 2019). He called on the International Organizations to denounce this act of violence perpetrated by Armenian evil doers and Armenian belligerent politicians. \”The world must know that Azerbaijan is running out of patience and is struggling really hard to ensure peace for its people and secure control of its full Sovereign Territory\”, said Tase.

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