Friday , 23 April 2021

Asgaran Castle-Photo

Located near Asgaran settlement of Khojaly region, 24 km from Shusha, Asgaran castle has a two-part structure harmonizing with the mountainous relief and the broad Gargar River’s bed.
Historian Mir Mehdi Khazani in his book “History of Garabakh” stated that raised by Ibrahim khan in 1787, this castle housed the infantry that had been called up to guard the capital of the khanate, Shusha city, against the attacks by the enemies from the East.
Due to its structure, Asgaran castle rather resembles a defensive barrier. It can be considered the last example of the century-old tradition of the Azerbaijan defensive barriers. Locating at the place with beautiful and unique landscape and integrating the heavy and entire volumes with the neighboring nature give an extremely magnificent appearance to the architecture of Asgaran castle.

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