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The books in the different directions, articles have been written, the films have been shot related to \”Ashabi-kahv\” for many years. We note that, the seven sleepings and the legends related to them were more talked in the sources. With the exception of a few authors, \”Ashabi-Kahv\” in Nakchivan and events related to it were explored properly. And The printed materials consists of more storical, religious and mythical texts. The National leader of Azerbaijan Haydar Aliyev felt respect to the religious and beliefs of our nation, showed interest to holy places during the years of Soviet Power. This care also continued during the years of independence. His given instructions in 1998 about the restoration and accomplishment of \”Ashabi-Kahv\” is an obvious example of respect shown to our people\’s religion and history. Today the historical monument and the sanctuary \”Ashabi-Kahv\” was reconstructed , the mosque was built, the road was laid there, the pilgrims were provided with all conditions. In this site the main attention was paid to the history of \”Ashabi-Kahv\”, the sanctuary named at the \”Holly Kuran\” belonging to Nakchivan. From the conducted resarchs comprehensively we come to a conclusion as Follows.
1. The Legend related to \”Ashabi-Kahv\” has formed in Nakchivan firstly spread among Turkish people, then among other nations.
2.\”Ashabi-Kahv\” mentioned at \”Kuran-Karim\” complies with the \”Ashabi-Kahv\”in Nakchivan will all signs.
3. The Cave was considered holy has existed before the \”Ashabi-Kahv\” event as a settlement, family home.
4. The beliefs there belong to the system of old Turkish belief, the nature cult, not to any religion.
5.\”Ashabi-Kahv\”is the high point of a man that has a pure spirit, physical cleanliness turned to the God.
6. \”Ashabi-Kahv\”is an ancient ancestral homeland of Azerbaijan Turkish, a spiritual and historical identity card that soaked on the worshiped cave stones
We believe that, the topics related to \”Ashabi-Kahv\” will be looked through repeatedly , a lot of researchers with pilgrims will come to the high point considered the door of reputance for many people, make closer the man to the God. The people coming with the goal of researching!
Protect the moral purity with the external purification… Don\’t forget. The God knows everything as being."Ashabi-Kahv"


Translator:Narmin Nagdaliyeva

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