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Ashiq Alasgar’s tombstone. Basarkecher Region

Ashiq Alasgar, the coryphaeus of the art of Azerbaijani Ashiqs was born in 1821, in Aghkilse village of Basarkecher area (from 1969, Vardenis region) of Goycha district, of the Irevan khanate. Having of considerable talent for poetry Ashiq Alasgar was a learner of the great master Ashiq Ali, and acquired knowledge of the art of Ashiqs.
Ashiq Alasgar was a man of great intelligence, deep knowledge and a broad world outlook.
Famous Russian poet Yakov Polonski met with Ashiq Alasgar in the forties of the 19th century and published a special article about him on the newspaper “Zakavkazskiy Vestnik” (Transcaucasia Bulletin).
Armenian armed troops occupied Goycha district in 1918 and until the Soviet Power was established in Armenia, Ashiq Alasgar lived a life of refugee in Kalbajar region.
Ashiq Alasgar died in his native village in 1926.
In 1972, the 150th anniversary of Ashiq Alasgar’s birth was marked at government level and a tombstone was erected over his grave.
In 1935, the Armenians renamed the Aghkilse village “Azat”.
After the deportation of Aghkilse village inhabitants from Armenia in the years 1988-1989, the Armenian vandals demolished Ashiq Alasgar’s tombstone.

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