Thursday , 22 April 2021

Azerbaijan is ranked among the world\’s top 20

Azerbaijan is ranked among the world's top 20

Today, when visiting to a foreign country what we\’re taking care most is to feel ourselves safe. And that\’s why, while visiting to any country we want to be sure about its security. And, l wonder about Azerbaijan\’s place from this point?! Safe or unsafe?
Azerbaijan entered the Top 20 safest countries in the world in terms of crime rate.
The ranking was prepared by the website Numbeo, which is the world\’s largest statistical database on cities and countries around the world.
The study shows that Azerbaijan is the 18th safest country among 125 states included in the ranking.
The country left behind such states as Latvia (40th), Lithuania (50), Moldova (64), Russia (67), Kazakhstan (72) and Ukraine (85).
The ranking shows that the risk to get subjected to physical attack because of a person’s skin color, ethnicity or religion is very low in Azerbaijan. In addition, there is a low probability of getting robbed, and the level of crime is also low.
The Top 10 of the ranking included such countries as Qatar, Singapore, Austria, UAE, Hong Kong, Georgia, Japan, Denmark and Belarus.
Some Latin American and African countries were placed at the bottom of the ranking as the most criminal states. They are Venezuela, Honduras, South Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Brazil and El Salvador.
This grid will attract attention of those people especially who want a business trip. I suppose that, we can see it soon from the mount increment of tourists visiting to Azerbaijan. I think, now we can conclude that all tourists coming to Azerbaijan will also visit Nakhchivan, where is either contemporary or carries the traces of the history.
Prepared by: Hacar Guliyeva
Translator: Selcan Ahmad

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