Saturday , 15 May 2021

Azerbaijan Kickboxing Federation

IX traditional tournament between professionals on kickboxing has dedicated national leader Haydar Aliyev\’s 94th anniversary will be held in Sharur region Olympic Sports Complex on May 1. reported that, 14 sportmen on two versions K-1 and low-kik versions will test their power in competition which will be held joint organizing with Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan Republic and Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan Kickboxing Federation( AKF).
AKF\’s President Adil Aliyev noted that, the strongest combined team will compete for both belt and cup. Consider that, competition of our kickboxers several time have won World and European Champion will quite interestingly held.
Adil Aliyev noted that, it is not random, remembering great personality in Nakhchivan. Of course, remembering the memory of great leader in an ancestral land is appreciated as a situation to local population\’s heart\’s content as everybody. Just by taking into consideration this factor, our competitions has dedicated the memory of always approached with care to sports and the athletes, modern Azerbaijan founder, an architect Haydar Aliyev, have already become tradition. Regulary adding kickboxing competition to the row of events organizing on the level of Republic is the main duties of our federation.
Adil Aliyev stressed that, strategy implemented by Great Leader, today successfully continued by Nationaly Olympic Committee President, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev. Today our country is recognized as a sports country, hosting the most reliable sports events. All of these are harvest of attention and care of the country leader. Believe that, our success, achievenments will more than this, Azerbaijan\’s sportmen will wave the tri-colored flag in grand sports arena.
Translator:Firuza Ahmedova

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