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Azerbaijani cultural heritage at London Fashion Week.

Azerbaijani cultural heritage at London Fashion Week.
Azerbaijani cultural heritage at London Fashion Week.
Azerbaijani cultural heritage at London Fashion Week.

Leonie Mergen\’s Karabakh collection was demonstrated within the scope of London Fashion Week.
Karabakh theme and heritage were the focus of attention in the event taken place with the support of the European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS)
New \”Karabakh collection\” attracting public attention with its beauty was released by Berlin based young designer Leonie Mergen , with the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan as her inspiration.
This collection was created on the basis of traditional attire of Azerbaijan\’s Karabakh region.
The patterns reminiscent of country\’s famous tapestries, with signature necklines and sleeved capes making an appearance in both men\’s and women\’s clothing were presented in the ensembles.
Azerbaijan legacy as a hub on the historical Silk Road and as a leader in horse breeding plays an essential role in the Leonie\’s collection.
The equestrian-influenced leather accessories and sophisticated silk elements can obviously seen in her designs.
In the presence of industry professionals, fashion reporters and international guests the highly atmospheric show took place.
The collection presented on the catwalk while playing Azerbaijani mugham and instrumental music in the background features 26 various clothing patterns.
Leogie Mergen\’s unusual and intercultural as well as technically skilled clothing patterns was highly appreciated by the attendees.
The fashion collection is a next project in cultural field which intended to raise awareness about ongoing occupation of Nagorno Karabakh by Armenian forces.
The director of European Azerbaijan Society Lionel Zetter gave brief information about the essence of the event within the scope of \”Fashion Week Afterparty\”.
It is noted that , \”Karabakh collection is very interesting project for TEAS\” and we are pleased to present the fashion collection of Berlin based disagner Leoni Mergen inspired by Azerbaijani culture to the world audience and support the project.

Translator: Nubar Hussein

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