Friday , 14 May 2021

Blue Mosque

The works of all travellers and researchers describing Irevan city, first of all mentioned Blue mosque as the most grandiose architectural monument due to its scale and magnificence. Construction of Blue mosque which is considered one of the unique models of oriental architecture started in 1760 and completed in Huseynali khan’s reign in 1765. According to its architectural style and build of the main prayer hall Blue Mosque situated on the opposite side of the central bazaar in Irevan, resembled the Juma Mosque built in 1616, in Ganja by Shah Abbas. Its dimensions were 97.2 x 66 meters. A part of the minaret and dome of the mosque was coated with blue faience. A small pool was built in the courtyard of the mosque paved with raft stones and planted trees around. Not only in Blue Mosque, but also in all the mosques of Irevan there were detached prayer halls for men and women separated by the corridor or curtain. The ceiling and walls of the prayer halls were usually decorated with flower images. The flowers made of cashmere fabric were hung on the walls and columns of the mosque.
Irevan city history museum was placed in Blue Mosque from 1936. After beginning of the World War II Blue mosque was concurrently used as an arsenal for a while. It was used as the Nature museum after the war and planetarium from 1952 in its small prayer room for astronomy fans. After Armenia gained independence in 1991 and established diplomatic relations with Muslim countries, necessity arose for functioning of Blue mosque as a shrine again. First, Nature museum in 1991 and then History museum in 1994 were moved out of the mosque-complex. According to the agreement signed between Iran and Armenia in 1995, Iranian government undertook financing reconstruction expenses of Blue mosque. Reconstruction of the mosque was carried out only in the south-west and north of the mosque complex and was brought to completion in 2006. 24 meters high minaret, 28 cells, library, a big hall, dome and courtyard of the mosque were reconstructed. Nowadays the Armenian officials present Blue mosque to foreign guests as “Persian mosque”.

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