Friday , 23 April 2021

Book And Copyright

UNESCO declared the twenty third of April of each year was the universal Book And Copyright day in the 28 th Session of its held in Paris on the 15 th of November of 1995. The book is one of the greatest discovery playing an improtant role in the development of human culture. In the earlier times, legends, myths, fables, heroic epics, labor songs were written in the oral form, After having written on the stone, animal skin and tree reached till today.The Formation of alphabet and writing , discovery of paper, manuscripts, creation of library are the most important pages in the developmental stage of book. The inclusion of book to human life, increasing the number of books also caused the need for the creation of copyright. In the middle ages, Azerbaijan poets created the form of the effective protection of copyright usage own poetic names at the end of their poems.
Translator:Narmin Nagdaliyeva

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