Monday , 27 January 2020


Shusha Castle- Photos

Shusha Castle implies the castle walls embracing the Shusha city of Azerbaijan. The Castle defended the city against the foreign invasions, and over a long period of time had been a symbol of impregnability. Though the Castle had been besieged for a long time during Agha Mahammad Shah Gajar’s attack to the South Caucasus, it could not be seized.There is …

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Lev Castle-Photo

Lev castle is one of the most majestic among the Kalbajar region’s highland ones. It was founded on a high forest mountain’s ridge 600 meters from the Lev River’s right bank, in Ganlikend village.Surrounded by a steep rock and streams form three slides, the castle has an oblong and complicated plan matching the highland relief. The castle can only be …

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Ganjasar Monastery Complex -Photo

The Ganjasar Monastery located in Vangli village of the Kalbajar region, along with being the headquarter of the Caucasian Albanian Catholicoses, was the shrine of the Jalalids, Albanian kings and catholicoses.The Ganjasar Monastery known as the Khaznadagh Temple in scientific literature, was mostly constructed in the 13th century. The hill on the Khachinchay river where the monastery is located had …

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Tepebashi Mosque. City of Irevan

According to some sources, Tepebashi mosque was built by Abbasgulu khan Irevansky, a member of Irevan city council, who was of khan’s descent. Abbasgulu khan’s house was also located in that area. Armenians still call Abbasgulu khan’s house as Khan’s house which is in dilapidated state at present.The minaret of the mosque located in Tepebashi residential area was pulled down …

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Aghadede cemetery

Being the most esteemed pilgrimage in Zangazur area in 1950-1980, this sacred place was situated in the surrounding of Ulukhanli, Habilkand, Seyidkand and Sarvanlar villages, near Gulujan village, on the bank of the Garasu River.Together with Muslims, Christians also took refuge in this sacred place. There had been only one grave there until 1950 and the people went to pilgrimage …

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Aghudi Monument

Aghudi Monument is situated in Aghudi village of Sisyan region (Garakilsa area of the former Zangezur province), 5 km far from Sisyan city, at the side of the Aghudi -Sisyan highway. Aghudi tombstone monument was erected in the 7th century. About 1400 years old giant monument survived to this day. Aghudi Monument has a three-tier, rather three-storeyed structure. The first …

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