Plov is considered the king meal in Nakhchivan

The key content of plov is rice. But the “gravy part” of plov is different, and it is usually prepared from mutton, beef, chicken, dessert (nut, hazel, almond), dried fruit (apricot, plum, alycha (cherry-plum) etc.) vegetables, and other ingredients.

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    The people of Azerbaijan have very rich and high qualified dishes, very high hospitability traditions. Since the old centuries meat and food products were considered the symbol of richness. The more the TABLES were decorated the most the forthcoming year would be richer. 7 out of 11 climate belts in the world exist in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, its …

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The kinds of kabab spread widely in Azerbaijan

The lula kabab, tika kabab, basdirma kabab, tava kabab, sajichi kabab, and other kinds of kababs are roasted (cooked). The kabab is mainly cooked of mutton, beef, and also chicken.

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