Friday , 14 May 2021


Sardar Mosque

The names of “Sardar Mosque” or “Abbas Mirza Mosque”, in the vicinity of Sardar palace within Irevan fortress were mentioned in the works of travelers and researchers at different times. Analyses show that though presented under different names, in fact, the talk is about one and the same mosque which mentioned in recent researches and official documents as Sardar mosque …

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Heydar Aliyev Museum

  The museum was founded in 1999. In the museum were collected stands devoted to the childhood and green years of the national leader Haydar Aliyev, personal documents and materials, letters, resolutions and disposals, concerning to 1991-1993 years working as a chairman of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Supreme Majlis, copies of treaties signed with Turkey and the Iran Islamic Republic …

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