Wednesday , 21 April 2021


Nakhchivan-Kuku-Gurbulak tourist route

In the current context of increasing attention to domestic tourism, our local travel enthusiasts are also showing serious interest in various tourist and recreational areas of the autonomous republic.  This year’s tourist season offers new opportunities for Nakhchivanis to travel from the beach to treatment centers, from high mountain plateaus to modern parks, from world-famous historical sites to remote mountain …

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Uzunoba reservoir beach

As we know, one of the features of the autonomous republic, which has a colorful climate and rich nature, is hot weather in the summer season. In order to ensure a more effective rest of the population, various projects are carried out in the autonomous republic. In this respect, recently created beaches are very important. The length of the sandy …

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  The tourism is established on the basis of the manmade or existing local infrastructure, cultural heritage, history, natural monuments according to the relief and climate condition, not being in need of raw material reserves and without any environmental damage. From this point of view Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, an inseparable part of Azerbaijan, has a very rich tourism potential. Thus, …

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The medical herbs

  Thyme (Thymus)The suitable relief, specific soil-climate features, a lot of sunny days enabled to form a vegetable cover with rich flora of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. It was identified that 2961 kinds of plum sporium included to 885 species and 171 families, also plants of bare sperm and flowering plants spread in the territory of the autonomous republic. It constitutes …

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  It is situated in the square of Dada-Gorgud, in the city of Nakhchivan. There is the historical architectural monument of the XVIII century the Ismayilkhan bath-house in front of the hotel. The monument of Dada-Gorgud was erected there. The hotel is 13 storeyed. It is 5 star. There are 95 apartments in the hotel and it can receive 100 …

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