Wednesday , 14 April 2021

Chess championships held in Nakhchivan

City and regional championships and friendly matches held by the Chess Federation of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic continue.

NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that, the regional chess championship among teachers of chess in Ordubad District Chess School has been summed up. 24 coaches-teachers competed in the Olympic system in the championship organized by the District Education Department, the regional branch of the Chess Federation and the Youth and Sports Department. In the end, Elmar Suleymanli won. Etibar Rzayev was second and Lamiya Mammadova was third.

The championship was organized by Sadarak District Education Department, Youth and Sports Department and the regional branch of the Chess Federation. The championship was held among teachers and students teaching chess in secondary schools. Galandar Aliyev was the strongest in the Olympic tournament. Khalig Jafarov and Sanan Rzali are in the other two places.

The winners were awarded diplomas and honorary degrees by the organizers.

The federation selected chess players who were active during the month during online summer classes covering the autonomous republic. Nasrin Babayeva scored the highest score by solving the tasks given by the international master Talib Babayev during the online lesson through the “Zoom” program for first-class chess players. Sadig Abbasov was second and Rza Hasanov was third.

A friendly match between Nakhchivan Chess Federation, Baku Grand Master Chess Club, Guba Chess School and Hatay’s Shah Chess Club under the motto “Stay at home, play chess” was held on Lichess portal yesterday. The Blitz tournament lasted 90 minutes with a time interval of 5 + 3.

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