Tuesday , 24 November 2020

Colombia builds cities named Nakhchivan and Absheron

A complex of houses named Nakhchivan and Absheron is being built in Colombia

The State Committee on works with the Diaspora told  NakhcivanToday.com.  It was noted that the person carrying out this project is one of our compatriots who has lived there for many years:

“In recent years, one of the most important points of the policy pursued by the State Committee on  Works with the Diaspora  is to establish contacts with Azerbaijanis living in the world and introduce them to our society.One of them is our compatriot Shahriyar Hasanli, who currently lives in Colombia and is the founder of the “Azercol” construction company there.  Our compatriot, who has been living in Colombia for 7 years and  studied in this country.He carries out some projects bearing the names of the regions of Azerbaijan.S.Hasanli is currently carrying out the project of Nakhchivan and Absheron housing complex  in Colombia. “

The committee added that “Azercol” is  the first company bringing the names of places and cities of Azerbaijan to Latin America. S.Hasanli gave an interview about his family and activities.  The interview will be broadcast on Diaspora TV these days.

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