Tuesday , 11 May 2021

Comprehensive conditions have been created in Shahriyar Village Center – PHOTO

NAKHCHIVANTODAY.COM reports that Shahriyar Village Center was put into operation on January 14.

Chairman of the Supreme Assembly of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic Vasif Talibov inquired about the activities of the organizations located in the building and the conditions created.

It was noted that government agencies will provide effective services to the population in the 3-storey building. The center has a communication house, police and veterinary stations, a library with 5027 literary funds, a representative office in the administrative district, a municipality, a house of culture, the first territorial organization of the New Azerbaijan Party, statistics and archive rooms, a 44-seat hall.

Special attention is paid to the organization of veterinary services in Shahriyar village, regular veterinary observations are carried out, disinfection and disinsection measures are taken. Along with cattle breeding and cattle breeding, agriculture and beekeeping are also developed in the village.

Alakbar Aliyev, chairman of the first territorial organization of the New Azerbaijan Party in Shahriyar village, thanked the members of the organization and the rural community and said that new social facilities are being put into operation in Shahriyar village today. All this will play an important role in ensuring the comfort of the rural population. Creativity and development are the result of the activities of the New Azerbaijan Party. There are 102 members of the first party organization in Shahriyar village, 31 of them are young, 36 are women and 28 have higher education. Members of our organization take an active part in the social work of the village.

A post office has been established in the House of Communications, and the level of services provided in this area has been increased. An automatic telephone exchange with a capacity of 320 numbers based on the latest generation technologies has been installed here, and broadband Internet access has been created. At present, there are 210 telephones and 96 internet users in Shahriyar village.

The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly gave instructions to educate household owners and hold other events in the assembly hall.

An individual heating system has been installed in the building, and the yard has been landscaped.

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