Friday , 14 May 2021

Construction work continues in Nakhchivan

The scale of construction work in Nakhchivan is expanding every year. Heydar Aliyev Avenue has also regained its appearance as a result of large-scale construction, landscaping and repair work carried out in recent years. As a result of the repair work carried out in the residential buildings on the avenue, the living conditions of the residents have significantly improved. The new residential building built here will also provide residents with high-quality comfortable apartments in the future. Construction of a 7-storey, 4-block residential building with a basement began in October 2017. According to the project, an elevator will be installed in the residential building, and a 29-seat parking lot will be created in the basement. There will be 12 shops in the first floor. Currently, work is underway at the facility. The masonry work has been completed in the building, the roof has been installed, and communication lines have been laid on all floors. It’s been a while that the interior walls have been plastered  already. There is enough manpower at the facility. Local construction materials are mainly used in the construction and special attention is paid to the quality factor. After the commissioning of the new residential building, it will not only provide residents with high-quality comfortable apartments, but also give a special charm to our city. * * * Today, religious and cultural monuments are being restored in our autonomous republic, new mosques are being built, and all conditions are being created for the worship of clergy. The scope of measures taken in this direction in recent years has expanded significantly. At present, a new mosque is being built in Nakhchivan. Work on the dome and minarets of the main and auxiliary parts of the building is almost complete. Work on the facade of the building is nearing completion. According to the project, the mosque will have a prayer hall, two madrassas for girls and boys and a library.

Author: Ayxan HUSEYNLI

Translator: Emin Gulmammadov

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