Thursday , 25 February 2021

“Corona virus infection incidents are hidden in Qarabag”- appeal from armenians

Chairman of Azerbaijanian community of Nagorno Qarabag, Tural Ganjaliyev called armenia community. Nakhchivantoday reports that T. Ganjaliyev said he is worried about the spreading coronavirus  epidemic in Qarabag. Recently a number of members of armenia community applied me as elected representative( i can’t reveal their name because of security) express their worry informing  about sharp respirator infection in Nagorno Qarabag, increasing the number of infected people to pneumonia, pathetic situation of health infrastructure, non tests, shortage of medical staff, Armenia and illegal regime hide coronavirus (covid-19) infection incidents from people.

I call Azerbaijan Republic Nagorno Qarabag Region armenia community to protect from coronavirus, to follow strictly personal hygienic rules, self-isolation, social distance proceedings. Im sure that, after ending of Armenia occupation, Azerbaijan government will rebuild health infrastructure on Nagorno Qarabag region and both community will benefit from medical system in accordance with modern standards.

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