Wednesday , 14 April 2021

Daralayaz district(PHOTO)

Daralayaz district is a mountainous part of Sharur-Daralayaz historical province. The district is surrounded by high mountains with Basarkechar plateau in the north, Zangazur range in the east, Alayaz mountains in the south and Salim pass in the west.  The total area is 2304 sq. Km.  The toponym Daralayaz-Alayaz gorge, inhabited by Azerbaijanis since ancient times, was developed in the Middle Ages in the sense of administrative-territorial division and covered a large area. According to the division of the population, Daralayaz was divided into 3 parts: Eastern Daralayaz, Western Daralayaz and the mountainous part of Sharur.

 After the Treaty of Turkmenchay (1828), the Daralayaz region, which became part of Russia, underwent ethno-demographic changes at the expense of Armenians resettled here from Iran and Turkey.  In 1870, Daralayaz was included in the Sharur-Daralayaz district, which was established as part of the Iravan province.  According to the data of 1897, the area of ​​Daralayaz was 2972.3 sq. Km and the population was 76551 people.  In 1918-1920, the Azerbaijani population of Daralayaz was subjected to a terrible genocide, and the survivors were forced to leave their native lands.  During the Soviet era, the Daralayaz region was torn from Azerbaijan and handed over to Armenia without any grounds. As a result of the genocidal policy pursued against Azerbaijanis throughout the 20th century, they were forcibly deported from Western Azerbaijan (now Armenia), including Daralayaz.  When the Armenian SSR was regionalized, Daralayaz district was divided into Keshishkend and Soylan districts.  The Daralayaz (renamed Ayotsdzor) mountain range is between the Arpa River and the Nakhchivan River. It joins the Zangazur Peak in the east. Its height is 70 km, and the highest pick is Kuku mountain.(h.3120).

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