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Day by day developing and beautifying – Sadarak

Too much has been said and written about Sadarak, the westernmost point of our homeland, the gateway of Azerbaijan to Europe, the fortress of zeal of our ancient and eternal Nakhchivan. However, when thinking about this region, which is only 80 kilometers from the city of Nakhchivan, I remember its heroic defense not so long ago, just 30 years ago. We are proud to recall that the first blow to the enemy was made during the defense of Sadarak village.

In extremely difficult moments, the people of the region united with the patriotic sons of the autonomous republic around the genius leader like a fist and struck the enemy like lightning. Although the enemy’s “Grads” and “Alazans” rained down on Sadarak, no one left their homeland, and today the Armenians, frightened by the power of our strong army and do not even dare to look here. With these proud feelings, life continues to flow here today. The people of Sadarak is able not only to be pushed a step back from this land, but they are also able to make progress and turn it into a real paradise. Looking at the modern landscape of the region, its historical economic traditions and social life come to the front.

We should also note that the people of Sadarak are talented and hard-working people in farms. Although the basis of the region’s economy is agriculture, significant progress has been made in other areas as well. The analysis of the work done in the socio-economic sphere shows that in Sadarak region, successful results have been achieved in all areas. If we look only at the economic indicators for the first seven months of this year, we can see this clearly. During this period, the region produced industrial products worth 1,897,100 manat, or 0.6 percent more than in the corresponding period of 2019. For the development of the economy and social spheres, 11 million 59 thousand manat were directed to fixed assets from all financial sources.

It should be noted that over the past years, new buildings, streets, a district center and green areas have been built in the Heydarabad settlement. Now it is impossible to enumerate those objects that give a special beauty and charm to the settlement: Heydar Park, Museum of History of district and Ethnography, Chess school, high school, administrative building of Sadarak district organization of the New Azerbaijan Party, district court, prosecutor’s office, police department and other. Large-scale construction and improvement work continues today with the same speed and quality.

Implementation of important measures for the development of the agricultural sector in Sadarak has always been in the spotlight. There are wide opportunities for businessmen, private farms and farmers in the region.

The level of the service sector has an impact on further improving the welfare of the population. Consistent measures are being taken in the region to establish a modern transport system and manage this sector effectively.

Today we can see the result of the works done to solve the employment problems of the population in Sadarak region. The creation of effective employment opportunities has increased the purchasing power of the region’s residents and expanded the volume of trade. In Sadarak, which has become a land of greenery, there is an enterprising and creative environment, a healthy spiritual and psychological climate, and a deep belief in the future.

While talking about the beauty of the village today, which is incomparable to the past, we talk to several elders sitting in a recreation park in the village named after the great leader. Zakir Zamanov is one of the elderly residents of the region. From what he said: – The question of grapes grown in these lands and carnations grown in greenhouses came from foreign lands. Our life and welfare were well, until we saw the inside of the hated Armenians.

   The traitors, whom we used to sit at our tables, share a piece of bread with, and shelter in our inaccessible mountains, in our country, threw Alazan and Grad at our people from those heights. Heavy shells destroyed houses. Innocent people were drenched in blood. In those events, regardless of their profession or position in society, everyone who took up arms was fighting to protect the land … Heavy weapons shelled the village. The settlement, built in the 70s of the last century, was completely destroyed, a winery built on the instructions of the great leader, flower greenhouses, vineyards, which are the main source of livelihood, were destroyed. No matter how many martyrs we gave, our will was not broken.

  National Leader Heydar Aliyev, after returning to political power in our country for the second time at the insistence of the people, began to take serious and consistent measures to protect the environment, the efficient use of natural resources and their restoration. Thanks to the environmental policy defined by the great leader, new forests, beautiful parks and recreation areas have been created in our country today. All this provides a reasonable guarantee for the protection of the colorful nature of our autonomous republic. The innocent sounds of the axes that were planted in the heart of Mother Nature years ago were replaced by the merry voices of our children resting in the greenery. All residents will always be grateful to our great leader, worthy followers of his path, who gave us these beauties.

Today, fruit and forest trees planted along the roads in the Sadarak region not only please the passers-by, but also provide ecological cleanliness. The variety of trees along the way is delightful, and the orchards bear fruit. The most gratifying thing is that the ripe fruits are collected and presented to the soldiers guarding Motherland. Today, in Sadarak, we cherish and take care of both the old tree and the small sapling as a child.

   Now everyone is far from these problems, they are busy with their daily household worries and work. People now spend their time not in queues for on food and oil, but on the further development, beautification and yield abundance of the region where they live. Everyone tries to contribute to the common works by their productive activities. These lands, which once looked like a desert, smelled of gunpowder and heard the sound of gunfire, have now turned into a place of greenery, a land of flowers. Today, the fact that Sadarak has become a beautiful corner of Nakhchivan is a source of pride for us and a source of pride for the enemy. More prosperous days and happy tomorrows of this ancient Oghuz land are still ahead.

Author : Ramiyya AKBAROVA

Translator: Emin Gulmammadov

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