Wednesday , 12 May 2021

The call of a young Azerbaijani dedicated to the Khojaly genocide !

The call of a young Azerbaijani dedicated to the Khojaly genocide !

I have a struggle which continues from the moment I opened my eyes to the world up to today. In fact, this is not only my struggle. This is the struggle for revenge embodying the spirit of all the people from children to elderly, especially of those who witnessed the 90’s living in these lands. A painful, torturous, unforgettable history from our past…

This is the struggle of all the Azerbaijani young living the25th year of longing for Khojaly. Such a struggle that it regards to be the herald of the hearts burning with the love of Azerbaijan until the last breath. Such a struggle that our hearts will burn with the love of Freedom until the day we take a revenge of our martyrs. The children of these lands are ready to shed their blood till its last drop for the Motherland until the moment they can really feel happy again.

It seems as if today’s silence makes me hear the songs of the great triumph. It seems as if it conveys the sound of the steps taken by the young like me towards this triumph in those lands. It seems as if this silence makes my ears ring with the heroic stories of today’s young, which will be retold the next generations, along the whole territory of Azerbaijan!

I believe that one day our longing for our lands, homeland, which we are separated from, as beloved as our souls will end.

I believe that this longing will make us join a new glorious history soon. The heroic pages written by brave sons of Azerbaijan will demolish the bridge of longing and make it turn into the bridge of heroism and victory.

Now is time! Motherland is calling me and even at the moment I can hear the sound of jangi from the depths of silence!

Author: Hacar Guliyeva
Translator: Nubar Shahgeldiyeva

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