Thursday , 15 April 2021

Delicious export products of Nakhchivan

Historically, high-quality local products of Nakhchivan have been bought and used by the residents of the ancient land, as well as by visitors. When it comes to the blessings of Nakhchivan, their taste, flavour and, of course, their benefits to human health, become a topic that everyone likes and enthusiastically shares with their friends.

  Products produced by “Lezzet Food Industry” Limited Liability Company operating in Nakhchivan and currently exported to many countries of the world are among the goods that buyers in both local and foreign markets are eager to choose.

  Reducing the demand from import and increasing export is an important strategy of our autonomous republic.

“Lezzet Food Industry” LLC, set in 1995 is well-known in foreign markets. As Nakhchivan’s export potential grows, so does the company’s reliable cooperation in foreign markets, and the demand for its products has increased. These products, which have excellent quality, reasonable prices and delicious taste, meet the needs of modern consumers and ensure the competitive operation of the enterprise.

  As a result of bringing the quality of food products in line with world and European standards and advertising and marketing measures, 58 types of waffles and biscuits are already exported from Yemen to Afghanistan.

 According to the company, in the first six months of this year, a total of about 370 tons of food products were shipped to countries such as Georgia, Oman, Iraq, Yemen, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, and more than $ 471,000 in foreign exchange was received. Georgia and Iraq are the company’s foreign partners in terms of exports. Thus, more than 100 tons of products of ” Lezzet Food Industry “LLC were exported to each of these countries during the mentioned period. The diversification of types and assortments of products in accordance with the buyer’s potential of export markets has also borne fruit in this work.

“Lezzet Food Industry” LLC, which exports a wide range of food products to the domestic market of our autonomous republic, as well as our country, is the object of a successful export strategy to capture more market segments in foreign countries in the future. Every employee working here knows that it is possible to ensure the sustainability of the company’s activities and win in global competition by taking a good position in export markets.

On the other hand, every dollar invested in our country’s foreign trade balance means a new investment in its economy, as well as a high image and a new reliable partnership with its partners. This is the contribution of “Lezzet Food Industry” LLC to the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand under the “Nati” trademark.


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