Saturday , 8 May 2021

Dolma made of eggplant, pepper and tomato

The meat is cut into small pieces and roasted in oil. Thinly-cut onions are roasted and added onto the roasted meat, the boiled split-peas, salt pepper, carichichek or yellow ginger is added. Rose-petals are also added in Ordubad region. In some areas the inner pert of eggplants are taken, roasted in oil, the inner of tomatoes are cut into pieces and added into the roasted meat.

Eggplants are peeled, a small hole is made from the head for lid, engraved, salt, pepper, yellow ginger are sprayed on and in, put in a colander to leave the bitter water. Sometimes they are slightly roasted in oil. Fleshy ball pepper is washed, the lid is cut and engraved. The tomatoes are from the side, hole is made and engraved. The ready roasted meat is stuffed into eggplants, peppers and tomatoes (tomatoes must be on the top) and put into the sauce pan or basin, some part taken from the inner of tomatoes are put on the bottom of sauce pan to make it watery. 0,5 glass of water is added and cooked (it becomes more tasty if it is oily).

In Ordubad region the heads of eggplants are cleaned, cut a little from the head, boiled in little-salted water and put in colander to leave the bitter water. After being cooled, small holes are made from the heads for lids, salt, pepper, sarichichek, dried rose petals are mixed and sprayed into the eggplants (sometimes roasted in oil a little).

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