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Dried Fruits of Beautiful Ordubad

Ordubad locating on the foothills of the Zangezur has been admired by travelers and geographers visiting here for ages. Since the Middle Ages, Ordubad considered as the main fruit growing center, the land of plentiful and tasty fruits, has always been popular with its dried fruits. In ancient times, Ordubad people stored fruits as reserve food products for the winter. Nowadays, plum, mulberry, apricot, cherry and other fruits laid to dry on the roof of houses in the village in summer create a different view. Ordubad people prepare gakh from dried pear, apricot, plum, alana from juicy peach, sujuk from walnut, chirtma from plum and other fruits. The dried fruits are used as both dessert and confectionery during the winter. The rest of the products are sold in the markets. At the same time, such products play an important role in Novruz presents of this region.
We would like to give brief information about alana, mayanpur prepared from juicy peach, chirtma prepared from plum, popular Ordubad sujuk prepared from walnut and dried mulberry. Plum is dried in a special way which is called chirtma among people in the Ordubad region. For this, a special kind of plum is chopped, salted and dried.
Mulberry is one of the dried fruits widely used in daily life of the people of Ordubad. Dried mulberries are eaten during the whole winter. In general, there is not such a family that they do not prepare dried mulberries for the winter in this region. After the first and second harvest mulberries are usually dried on the roof of house or a sunny place in the yard.
Ordubad women peel peaches and keep them in the shade for one or two days to prepare Ordubad alana. After being half-damp, seeds are removed from the stems. By the way, it should be noted that the word “alana” comes from here. The mixture prepared from walnut, sugar powder and aroma are filled into the peaches. Then small parts of another peach are put to the seed pits, pressed firmly in order not to get moldy. Prepared peaches are strung and kept in the shade to dry for 2-3 weeks. In this way, Ordubad people prepare alana from peaches.
Unlike alana, walnut kernels are put into mayanpur and as walnut kernels are oily mayanpur does not decay, remains long time.
Ordubad people string green walnuts to prepare popular Ordubad sujuk. Bulamaj is made by mixing flour, sugar powder, aroma and doshab (mulberry or grape syrup). After getting a bit colder the strung walnut kernels are dipped into warm bulamaj in the pot for several times and then hung up to dry. Sujuk must be kept in a humid place that it does not become soften. Sujuk is known as basdik in some villages of Ordubad.
We also need to talk about Ordubad walnut. Ordubad walnut is not smashed while cracking and you get the whole undamaged walnut halves. It is characterized by being very oily. Various kinds of walnut are grown in the villages of Ordubad and featured by size and taste. Ordubad people prepare walnut jam which is the decoration of Ordubad tea table.
Dried fruits, which are sold in Azerbaijan markets and decoration of tables on Novruz holiday, are also used to prepare different meals and have many benefits.
Ordubad dried fruits and desserts cause the admiration of guests visiting here too. Consumers can get Ordubad dried fruits from confectionary shop of Ordubad blessings in the village of Venend and Ordubad inhabitants in the region, along with from shops and markets of the city. We should note that, villages of the region more popular with their dried fruits are Bilav, Andemij, Behrud, Tivi, Nusnus and Dirnis villages.
Aoutor : Türkanə Əmoyeva
Translator :Firuza Ahmedova

Dried Fruits of Beautiful Ordubad
Dried Fruits of Beautiful Ordubad

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