Friday , 26 February 2021

Fish bozport

Fish bozport

Fish is washed, cleaned, cut, salted, floured and roasted in oil slightly. 1-2 spoons of oil is put in the bottom of sause pan, 1 tomato is cut, 1 layer of onion cut in ringshape, 1 layer of roasted fish, pepper, 1 layer of onions are put and salt, some laurel leaves, parsley, basil, seedy pepper, 1 big cut tomato are added and the lid is closed and cooked. If you don’t have tomato, you may use tomato juice. In this case 0,5 glass of water is added.

Ingredients: 1 kg-fish, unsalted butter -50-60 gr, 2 tomatoes, bulb onions -300-400 gr, 1-2 bell pepper, 3-4 units of parsley and basil, some seedy peppers, 2-3 laurel leaves, salt. (for 3 persons)

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