Thursday , 13 May 2021

Fresstyle wrestlers of Nakchivan won the international tournament

Fresstyle wrestlers of Nakchivan won the international tournament

Our wrestlers gained successful results at the international tournament held in the Iran Islamic Republic. Nakhchivan National Freestyle Wrestling Team also participated at the tournament held in Urmia which started on February 14 and lasted 3 days. Besides Nakhchivan team, teams representing Georgia and the host country Iran took part at the tournament too. Under the supervision of the coaches Ayaz Baghirov, Yusif Ibrahimov, Abbas Baghirov and Faig Isgandarov, our national team with 24 athletes leaving for the neighboring country met expectations. Our athletes fighting bravely on the wrestling carpet gained the sympathy of the local fans as well. Mazahir Ismayilov, Murad Gulubeyli, Dadash Dadashzade, Baghir Zeynalov, Mirseyid Seyidov, Yehya Pashayev, Erkal Memmedov and Huseyn Huseynov defeated their all competitors in the proper weight and age categories and became the champions of the tournament. There are also other athletes who joined the row of winners. Zamin Guluzada, Mukhtar İbrahimov, Turgut Abdullayev, Serdar Taghiyev, Rza Valiyev and Huseyn Ahmedli were only defeated in the final match and satisfied with silver medals. 4 athletes won bronze medals. Goja Ahmedov, Oruj Bayramov, Elmir Zamanov and Yasin Guliyev took the third places. Nakhchivan National Freestyle Wrestling Team ranked first in the ranking of age category of over 16 on with 18 medals (8 gold,6 silver and 4 bronze medals) at the tournament. It should be noted that, Faig Hajiyev represented the Autonomous Republic as a referee at the tournament.
Author Emil Samadov
Translated by:Kanara Muradova

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