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Ganjasar Monastery Complex -Photo

The Ganjasar Monastery located in Vangli village of the Kalbajar region, along with being the headquarter of the Caucasian Albanian Catholicoses, was the shrine of the Jalalids, Albanian kings and catholicoses.
The Ganjasar Monastery known as the Khaznadagh Temple in scientific literature, was mostly constructed in the 13th century. The hill on the Khachinchay river where the monastery is located had been found sacred in the pre-Christian era and turned into a pagan temple. From the 13th to the 19th century the Ganjasar Monastery had been the religious and cultural centre of Caucasian Albania.
The complex consists of a church, private entrance hall and supporting buildings. The complex is castle walled, the southern and western parts having a gate each. Cells and supporting rooms join the northern and southern walls. Hasan Jalal, the Albanian king, founded the church next to the southern gate of the complex in the period of 1216-1238.
The Seljuk and especially Elkhanids’ periods had a considerable influence on the concept and construction of this valuable monument.
Its majestic volume-and-space composition, rich and subtle artistic design, as well as the highest-quality construction relates to the economic power of Elkhanid state.
As the period of Elkhanids’ reign was the top of Azerbaijan’s medieval architecture, the Ganjasar Monastery was also the masterpiece of Azerbaijan’s Turkic-Christian architecture. From 1511, the Ganjasar Monastery had been the headquarter of the Albanian Catholicoses. In 1836, Armenians succeeded in abolishing of the Albanian Catholicity by the decree of the Russian Empire and subordinating the Albanian churches to Echmiadzin Catholicity. Then, falsifying the history, they presented the Albanian religious monuments as Armenian religious monuments to the world.
At present the Armenians misrepresent the Ganjasar Monastery, which is under occupation of Armenian Armed Forces, as “Ganzasar” Armenian monastery complex to the world.

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