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The historical monument about XVII century, Ordubad city. Situated in the center of the city. Total area 540 m2. The monument consists of a hall center which is a 10×10 octagonal wis a round dome covering its roof, very complicated four supporters holding the dome in the corners and the passages arranging between the supporters and side wall recesses. The passages roof has been covered with 16 little domes. Including central dome its Eastern bazaar in which some belongings of the shahs-jewels, red precious stones and so on were put on sale. This kind of construction exists in 3 places of the world; Samargand,Tabriz and Ordubad cities. At present the most magnificient and amenity of that is in Ordubad. Later on this monument had been used as \”Zorkhana\” (Wrestling hall). Wrestlers from Iran, Turkey, Hamadan and other places demonstrated their power in this arena. He who became winner was presented with a little pouch of gold by the khan sitting in the room and watching. Member of \”Anjumani-Shuara\” literary society that was established about in the middle of XIX century assembled in this building and read their poems and finally declared the name of the best. At the end of the XX century, in 1978 the monument was restored by Zakir Hashim oglu Babayev, architect from Ordubad. Since 1981 Geysariyya has been acting as History-Ethnography Museum of Ordubad region.

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