Sunday , 9 May 2021

Good news for the country’s football fans! There will be a training center in Nakhchivan!

In the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, along with other areas, special attention is paid to sports as well. Along the steps taken to develop this area and the successes achieved through the efforts of the sports community, the infrastructure, which is renewed every year, allows the existing potential to be exceeded. In this regard, the recommendations and instructions given by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly have identified new directions. Thus, the Nakhchivan Football Federation, which started a new phase of its activity in the region last year with a 5-year development strategy, is about to implement the most important project in the football life of the autonomous republic as a result of the support and trust.
NAKHCIVANTODAY.COM reports that the training center of the federation will be put into operation in the near future.
According to the plan, preliminary construction work has already begun. Work have begun to level the relief for the construction of the center, which covers the area around Uzunoba Lake. In parallel, construction of sewerage lines, excavation of the foundation of the buildings included in the center and other necessary works are being carried out. Construction continues under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Nakhchivan AR and the Nakhchivan Football Federation. It should be noted that the territory of the federation’s training center covers an artificial turf football stadium with two stands, covered and fenced mini football fields, a two-stand beach football stadium and an administrative building. . At the same time, there will be a changing room, judges ‘and doctors’ rooms inside the stands.
The completion of the construction is expected for early next year.

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